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Promotional Product
Promotional Product

Promotional Product

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These Angled's can be customize to show your logo/mascot and are ordered in bulk.

So Why Angled?

In terms of branding, the most valuable real estate in the world is on someone's mobile device. The average person spends 2 hours and 40 minutes charging their phone every day and an estimated 20 minutes of that charging time is spent with the phone in their hand.  This translates to 7,300 minutes of FACETIME your logo/brand gets in front of a client per year!!!  That's direct advertising on average of 730 times per customer per year for less than $0.01 per impression. Compare that to the standard promotional item that cost around $1, which has 1 impression and ends up in the trash. Optimize your reach and turn clients chargers into a billboard in the car, at the office, or at home.



- BEST return you can get from ANY promotional product on the market (logo is seen a minimum of 730 times per year per product!)

- Saving customer money by protecting their chargers

- Products glow in the dark


Price listed INCLUDES setup fee, product cost, and shipping.. (taxes will be added at checkout)

Please email your logo to ASAP. If there is smaller print we can try to edit or change logo around to make it work if needed.


Please allow the following Delivery times:

100 Units= 2 Weeks including shipping

500-1000 Units= 3 Weeks including shipping

1500+ Units= 4+ Weeks including shipping