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Our Story

How We Got Our Start
We were tired of buying new chargers just to charge our electronics after using them every day causing them to bend, break, and eventually stop working. So after several trips to the store we thought there must be a better way!
After searching online for hours and finding expensive replacement chargers, we thought
What if there was a way to protect our chargers from the beginning and what if it helps people know which charger was theirs? So, ANGLED was born.
At first, after failed attempts to find investors and with no money to be able to afford costly manufactures, we took matters into our own hands. We found an affordable way to produce Angled with a homemade feel, with the power of 3D printing thanks to the Micro 3D printer!
This little printer was amazing for us and got the job done! We designed them ourselves so it took some time to create new ones, but it allowed us to bring them to you at a reasonable price.
After years of 3D print manufacturing and getting customer feedback, we sought additional options within our local community because we want to make Angled better.....
Along came Mercer University and the Mercer Innovation Center! With the help of the Mercer Innovation Center, we have now created a parent company (RICE TECH LLC)  that will house all of our future products, but they also have given us the funding, work-space, and employees for 1 year to bring Angled to the masses. This includes purchasing molds, machinery, and access to teachers and experts in our industry to help bring you the biggest and best Angled as to offer.
We are always working to create and bring you more but in the mean time enjoy the current creations!
Thank you for taking the time to check what we are about and our story! If you ever want to share your broken charger story or pictures feel free to visit our Facebook or Instagram and say hello and follow us to stay up to date on any new designs!